Day One

Through these doors, the adventure begins. 

Here goes nothing…

Cleveland is my home. It’s where I live and where I grew up. It’s a city on the rise and one that could always use a little good PR. That’s why this is being considered a “kick-off” month. I thought it would be cheating if I officially started this project just 20 minutes from my house. But nonetheless, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to showcase one of c-town’s best agencies—Recess Creative.

A small shop overflowing with personality, Recess brings their unique flavor to everything from websites and apps to print and collateral. The owners, Tim and Chris, have been such an influence on this project that I couldn’t even fathom beginning it anywhere else. Needless to say, I look forward to sharing my time here with the entire agency.

When I started this project, I wasn’t sure how it would play out. I mean, who would give a damn about a young Copywriter traveling the nation, trying to understand what it truly means to be “creative”? It turns out, a lot of people. So, as I mark the beginning of this exciting, yearlong journey, I can’t help but remain overwhelmed by the outpouring of positivity and support I’ve received from day one.

I realize that I’m the only one physically going on this trip, but there are so many people who helped make it possible. And I can’t even begin to thank them enough. Without each and every one of them, this wouldn’t even exist. Having said that, I’m really glad I can bring you along for the ride. Over the course of the next 14 months, I’m going to share my entire life with you. Through ups and downs, ins and outs, I’m keeping this blog filter-free. 

I know this post is crammed to the brim with thanks, but if you’d allow me just one more, I want to thank you all ahead of time for spending the next year with me. I think we’re going to become fast friends and have a lot of fun along the way.

Until next time,