Day Nineteen

Recess Christmas Party

The holidays are upon us and that means my train ride to Boston is inching closer and closer (12 days to be exact). I don’t think I’ll be posting any blogs next week, as I want to take full advantage of some quality family time. However, I’m sure I’ll continue to be active on Twitter and Instagram. So, I encourage you to follow me, if haven’t already.

Last night, we had the Recess Christmas party and they made sure my time here ended with a bang. We gathered around the Xbox for a traditional gift giving celebration, before heading down the block to a small dive bar. I had never been to this particular establishment before, but I can tell you its odor lingers somewhere between dirty bath water and urinal cakes. All smells aside though, we had a great time with a high stakes skeeball tournament and a few rounds of beer. After a winner was declared, we ventured down W. 6th St. to a smoke-filled pub and ate our fill of fried foods and gigantic burgers. All in all, it was an amazing time filled with food, fun, laughs and booze.

Tomorrow is a different story. I’ll be manning a U-HAUL and throwing the last of my things in storage. I actually had to do this once before, when I ventured to Orlando for my internship. It’s a bittersweet moment to say the least. On one hand, I’m locking away nearly all my possessions. Yet, on the other hand, when I return home it’s going to feel like Christmas all over again. I will say, I’m really going to miss my bed though. Hopefully, couches aren’t as uncomfortable as people say. I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting them over the next year.

To wrap things up before I disappear for a week, I just want to thank the entire Recess team for helping me kick-off this project in style. Everyone here has been nothing short of incredible and I’m certainly going to miss this place. I may not know where this project is going to end, but I’m thrilled to have started it at Recess.

On a side note, I highly recommend everyone watch this spot from Westjet. I’m not even going to lie; it brought a few tears to my eyes. Happy holidays everyone!