Day Forty

I'll have one of those Lions someday. 

My first week in Boston is coming to a close and I’ve already learned so many new things. First, I’ve learned that I’m not really cut out for hostel living—at least not for such a long period of time. Don’t get my wrong; I love the experience of it all. There are just too many things giving me anxiety—from people entering and exiting the showers without sandals to un-flushed toilets and relentless radiators. As I’ve been telling my friends, a hostel is basically an adult dorm, right down to the broken closet doors.

Another thing I’ve learned this week is what I’m calling the “creative time differential.” In Ohio and New York, I was never the first person in the office. No matter what time I arrived, there was always someone waiting to greet me. I became accustomed to arriving early and leaving around 5pm. However, I’m noticing at BEAM, creatives prefer to arrive later and stay later. I’m not sure if this is common throughout the city, but I’m very interested to see how my other stops measure up. For now, all I know is that no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to make it in any later than 9am. I guess I'm just permanently wired to be a morning person. 

I also learned to always book transportation before housing. I’ve just about scheduled all my trips and housing through October. But I had to shuffle a few things around because I don’t know geography as well as I thought. However, I did find out that my train from Charlotte to Memphis has a day layover in New Orleans. So, it seems I get to visit a bit more of the south than I had originally planned. I can’t wait to stuff some delicious jambalaya in my face! 

As for the weekend, it appears warm weather is on the way, so I plan on doing A LOT of walking. There are so many places I want to visit in my time here and I figure I should get as many in as possible. Because you never when another arctic blast may it.

Lastly, I want to send a shout out to my sponsors CLE Clothing Co. and Jakprints. Everyone in Boston loves my shirts, pins and stickers. I can't wait to show them off across the country.