Day Thirty Two

A snowy train ride through New York. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived in Boston.

Despite a delayed departure, we actually managed to make it in on time. And I’ll admit my train ride was rather enjoyable. I highly recommend a sleeper car for anyone traveling a long distance by train and to always choose a train over a plane regardless. I can almost guarantee that my flight would have been cancelled today, if I had chosen to fly. Plus, I got three delicious meals and a good amount of shuteye. You can’t beat that.

Having said that, the view from my window looked exactly the same for the entire trip—snowy trees, snowy houses, snowy roads and snowy buildings. I wish I could give you more details about the journey, but my sporadic Internet access made for a very quiet and sleep-filled ride. I did manage to stay awake long enough to write this blog though. So there’s that.

The break from my electronics did allow me to do a lot of thinking though. I started to realize just how crazy (in a good way) this project truly is. If all goes as planned, I’ll be on my way to Los Angeles at this time next year and I’ve never even been west of Chicago! All I can say is that I’m beyond excited for every new experience in my path. There’s so much I’m going to learn and do that I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world.

In fact, I already met plenty of interesting people on the train. I shared breakfast in the dining car with a fellow Steve from Minneapolis and had a very pleasant conversation over lunch with a couple from Australia. So, despite the rather dismal conditions outside, I’d say this trip is off to a wonderful start.

I also received word that Boston’s schools are closed tomorrow, so I’m a bit nervous to see how bad the weather will be when I wake up. But I’m not going to let that deter me. Nothing is going to stop me from making my first day at BEAM. I just hope this Blizzard lets up soon, so I can go exploring this weekend. Cabin fever does not make for good commentary… or does it?

UPDATE: I decided to postpone my first day after all. By the time I got settled in, I was beyond tired. I figured I'd rather get a good night's rest and start Monday than go in Friday and be running on 4 hours of sleep. Of course, the endless mounds of snow didn't help either.