Day 326

Ladies and gentlemen; I realize that over the past couple months I’ve talked a lot about the project’s milestones. Well, if you’ll allow me just one more this year, I have to mention that we’re down to our final 100 days on the road. Can you believe it?   

I’m having such an amazing time here in Seattle and YRG Seattle has played a gigantic role in that. The people in this office are absolutely amazing and have really gone out of their way to ensure I get the ‘real’ Seattle experience. From offering advice on eateries to introducing me to others in the office, they’ve helped me find so many new places and experience so many great things.

During work hours, things aren’t much different either. While the atmosphere is more laid back and casual than some of the other agencies I’ve visited, I think my favorite part of it all is that there’s no shortage of people willing to have a casual conversation. It seems that no matter how stressful the day gets; no matter how tight the deadline has become, my colleagues always make sure they’re having fun along the way. I’ve been told it’s part of the charm here. Not only in the office, but in the city as a whole. Everyone has a strong belief that life is short; so we can’t afford not to enjoy it. I’m sure plenty of readers out there will agree that it's a very refreshing way of looking at things—especially in this industry.

Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with Creature Creative Director, Jim Haven, and boy was it insightful. We chatted about the Sounders and how much Seattle has changed over the past few years. On his recommendation, I might even try to catch Saturday's game against the LA Galaxy. This evening, I’m also grabbing drinks with fellow Copywriter, Jared Kessler. I’m hoping he’ll have some great tips for me on how to improve my writing and what it’s like to be a full-time freelancer.

All in all things are going rather well, even if it hasn’t stopped raining for five days. Alas, we only have 8 days left here in Seattle and then it’s off to Pollinate in Portland for month 12.