Day 376

Much like my visit to St. Louis, I’ve come to find San Francisco is home to a very affable creative community. Part of this stems from the fact that many of the city’s shops reside in the neighborhoods of North Beach and Telegraph Hill. In these two adjoined northeast areas, you’ll find the likes of Razorfish, Heat SF, Publicis, Brave One, HUGE, FCB West, McCann and of course, Evolution Bureau. So, it’s not uncommon to see the various teams come together for a quick lunch or a few drinks after work. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of tight knit communities, so this discovery delights me to no end. Just because we’re all rivals, doesn’t mean we can’t become fast friends.

Another interesting tidbit I’ve noticed about San Francisco is the number of company campuses. Much like those I saw in Seattle from Amazon and Microsoft, several businesses here have purchased entire city blocks and transformed them into their own little branded worlds. I can’t help but feel this trend is mostly regulated to the west coast though. From what I’ve seen on my travels, most companies tend to expand up and not out. But, they don’t seem to follow that rule over here. Instead, they utilize their space to build parks, patios and accommodations for their employees. I only need look across the street to see a great example too, since the EVB office is adjacent to the Levi Jeans campus. 

All in all, it’s become rather apparent that San Francisco has a very unique ecosystem all its own. Things run a bit differently here and people are happy to go with the flow. That’s why I can’t help but wonder if EVB is nervous about their upcoming move to Oakland. With all the big players being housed here, EVB really is leading the way in many regards. They’re venturing out on their own and trying something new—a stance I fully commend them on.

I know they'll be fine though, because after two weeks of being here I can already tell it's the right thing for them to do. Not because they aren’t happy here, but because they truly enjoy being pioneers in the field. You can see it in their work, their philosophies, their overflowing ambition—and now—their commitment to change.

On a slightly different front, San Francisco is actually dealing with a rather annoying storm system at the moment (if you haven’t already heard). And it’s arrived just in time to postpone tonight’s EVB holiday party. I’m actually a bit relieved, because I don’t have any dress clothes with me. Ah, the joys of living out of a tiny suitcase. It's certainly something I won't miss come February.