Day Seventy Four

As promised, here is the epic conclusion to my last post:

The snow is back!

One undeniable fact about NYC is that it changes you. I, for one, am no exception to the rule. Yet, for every bad habit I picked up, I can say that my time here made me a better, more well rounded person overall. I might have a less patience for commutes, long lines and slow walkers, but I’m also more outgoing, personable and eager to improve my skills. I am more willing to pay $5 for a can of PBR, but I’ve also opened myself up to a countless number of experiences, cultures and cuisines. I have a lower tolerance for BS, but… well, I consider that a positive.

When I moved here, it was the scariest time of my life. Prior to NYC, the largest city I had ever been to was Cleveland (huge difference). I also moved here without a job. In fact, the only reason I was able to survive for the first few months was because I sold my car beforehand and dumped the money into my savings account. Yet that risk turned itself into a priceless reward. I think that’s the right attitude to have if you ever plan on moving here. You can’t wait for right moment or meticulously plan things out. Everything here moves at such a rapid pace, it will pass you by if you do. Heck, I was gone for 9 months and I’ve already seen a staggering number of changes. Compare that to a shopping mall near my hometown in Ohio that’s been under construction for nearly 4 years. New York City waits for no one. 

One last shot of Times Square from Super Bowl weekend.

Now, it may seem like I’m down on NYC but that isn’t the case at all—for every good there’s a bad and vice versa, but that’s true for any city. Honestly, this place can be absolutely incredible. It’s full of interesting characters, inspiring art installations, amazing eateries and more opportunities than you can shake a stick at. You just have to commit to being a part of it and always be thinking of your next step. So to anyone considering NYC as a future destination, let me sum up this post with these quick tips:

  • Have a good budget plan in place
  • Be comfortable living with at least one other person, even if they’re a stranger
  • Never let yourself get frustrated by the little things
  • Do your best to make meals, rather than buy them
  • Memorize the subway system as quickly as possible
  • Always know the cross streets of anywhere you’re going
  • Make friends with your local merchants
  • Keep your apartment clean at all times
  • Attend as many networking events as you can
  • Learn to walk at a brisk pace
  • Let go of your non-essential things before moving

I hope you enjoyed my personal take on this place we call The Big Apple. That was a lot of fun to write. As for the rest of my week, I saw Crosses perform at the Santos Party House last night. Luckily, I made it back just in time to beat the horrible snowstorm that’s currently blanketing the city.