Day 116

Well Philly, that’s all she wrote. I had such an amazing time at RTO+P and I’m beyond grateful to have been a small part of what they do here—if only for a second. I’d like to thank Steve O’Connell, Steve Red, Todd Taylor and everyone at the agency for treating me like family, teaching me so much and making my stop in Philly a memorable one.

As I enter month five of this journey, I thought it'd be cool to share some websites that helped me make the most of my first four stops. I know there are a ton of others, but I did my best to narrow it down to the top three in each location.

Cleveland — a true Cleveland institution, Scene Magazine not only sponsors a lot of events in the city, they know exactly where you should go any night of the week. — while mostly curated for visitors, the site does offer a lot great events in and around Cleveland’s many suburbs and surrounding cities. — you may not know this, but Cleveland has a very rich beer scene and Bobby is all about letting you know where to go and what to try.

Boston — as its description implies, this site will show you all of the events in and around Boston proper. — from ballet and opera to stand-up and lectures, here’s a great guide to the city’s most artistic offerings. — a must-have guide to Boston's culinary scene.

New York City — the end-all, be-all for the latest news and information throughout the five boroughs. If there is a new restaurant or shop opening, I found out about it here. — hipsters get a lot of crap, but they did build this awesome site, which keeps you in-the-know on music news, gallery openings and apartment listings in the area. — if you’re in need of new happy hour scenery or just want to check out a new concert venue, this site’s beautiful layout ensures you’ll never miss another good time.

Philadelphia — where to turn when you want the most up-to-date listing of events, exhibitions and creative happenings throughout the city. — from local job openings to the latest ad campaigns, this is a one-stop shop that will help you keep up at the water cooler. — Need to find something to do in your area? This site breaks down nearly every event in Philly by day, topic and even neighborhood.

I hope these sites are able to help others, as much as they helped me. Thanks again to everyone who made my first four locations such a magical experience. We're closing in on the half way point of the project, so let's keep the momentum going.

I’ll see you in Charlotte.