Day 130

Which way is up?

BooneOakley continues to surprise me with each passing day. Whether it’s the number of friendly dogs roaming around or the casual demeanor of the office, I feel at home here. I guess you’d call it “southern charm,” but I’m not even sure if Charlotte really considers itself a part of the south. Nonetheless, the team here has a much different vibe than those I’ve encountered in my previous four stops.

It all started to hit me on Monday, when my colleagues discovered I had walked to work in the pouring rain. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good stroll in the rain, but I really misjudged the light drizzle, which soon became a full on downpour. As soon as they heard of my journey, nearly everyone in the office volunteered to drive me, if ever faced with a similar situation again. It began to register in my brain that this unsolicited kindness wasn’t a one-time offer. Since I first stepped foot through the doors of BooneOakley, I’ve been met with positive attitudes better suited for Disney World than the ad industry. You can honestly tell the people here love what they do, who they do it for and who they do it with.

The sunny dispositions aren’t regulated to the office either. From the Movie Theater and barbershop to Target and Trader Joe’s, I’ve encountered kindness across the board. I’ll admit it’s a nice change of pace—albeit a bit shocking—after living in New York City for four years. Now before anyone gets up in arms, I’m not saying the people in NYC are bad. In fact, I love them. Life up there moves a lot quicker than it does in Charlotte, so it makes sense that everyone is always in a rush to get somewhere. I’m just saying it’s a different—and refreshing—change of pace to experience it. 

As for the weekend ahead, I plan on checking out NC Music Factory on Saturday to see comedian, Doug Benson. And on Sunday, I’m going to venture away from the city for once and check out Charlotte’s Historic South End. I also discovered that my brother gets into town this weekend. It should be pretty cool, as I haven’t seen him since Christmas. He'll also have a car, so I'm sure he'll be nice enough to drive me a few places. 

Lastly, if anyone has a good taco joint recommendation, I’m still hunting!