Day 204

If there’s one thing I can tell you about Boxing Clever, it’s that they’re very serious about their music. That's why it seems so natural for them to operate Boxing Clever Records, their own in-house label that features an eclectic mix of bands such as Mohicans, Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship and the Vanilla Beans. Then again, that love of music is also how the agency forged partnerships with the likes of Vintage Vinyl and the slew of bands they’ve create work for.

Even if you were walking into the Boxing Clever for the very first time, you’d be hard pressed not to notice the musical influences strewn throughout the office. From vintage record players and concert posters to stacks of LPs and RUSH memorabilia—you can immediately tell everyone here has music on the brain. I will say however, that unlike many of the other agencies I’ve visited thus far, BC doesn’t have music pumping through their space. Instead, you’ll find everyone rocking out to their own collection, whether it’s through a phone, a laptop or their own personal Crosley. It does create a different vibe to the office, as it did at RedDeluxe, but you'll still find it rare to be hit with any bout of silence while you're here.

As I also found out last week, this agency’s musical pedigree runs deeper than I ever could’ve imagined. It turns out that many of the creatives here used to be in bands of their own. In fact, Partner and ECD, Jim Harper, sat behind the kit for quite a few outfits back in the day. As someone who used to be in a few bands myself, it’s pretty interesting to swap stories about different shows and venues, especially considering the generation gaps at play.

I truly hope there are big things in store for Boxing Clever Records, because not only do they have the creative prowess and skill to make bands shine; they have the most important element of all—passion. So, I encourage everyone to check out their web store and grab an LP or two. My time here has certainly renewed my interest in vinyl and I think if you spend a little time on their site, it’ll do the same for you.