From the Rails 3

This blog is coming to you from somewhere in Wisconsin. I can’t remember the name of the last station, but I believe we’re about two hours north of Madison. As we continue down the tracks and I stare out into the endless fields, I can’t help but feel a little “off” today. I’m not sure if it’s fatigue from being on the road for 8 months, my ongoing financial worries or if my impending 30th birthday is starting to weigh on me, but regardless of the cause, I certainly don’t feel like myself today. Just being able to look out the window and listen to some music in my headphones certainly helps though. I think with so much going on everyday, it’s a nice change of pace to just shut my brain off for a few hours.

I will say that one interesting thing about today’s train ride is that it’s my last one until November. I’ve always considered my next few stops the “giant leaps” in my itinerary, because I go from Minneapolis to Austin and Austin to Seattle. Since these stops are so far away from one another, I decided it best to finally hop on a plane or two. Of course that means—for a brief period—I’m back to dealing with security lines and a lack of diner car. Oh, how I’ve been pampered on my various Amtrak trips!

Despite how I currently feel, I am extremely excited to land in Minneapolis. Everyone I’ve met along the way, who has ever stepped foot in the Twin Cities, has told me to expect incredible weather the entire month. I hope it’s true; because at this point it would be a huge let down if everyone was pulling a prank on me.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve never been west of Chicago. So, let’s see what the rest of this country has to offer, shall we? (Well… first I need a nap. So, let’s start tomorrow.)