2 Years After It All Started

Two years ago today, I embarked on an incredible journey. One that allowed me to transverse this country I call home; meet hundreds of incredible individuals; and fine-tune my professional skills on multiple levels. To say it was life changing would be an understatement. However, as I'd soon learn, things don’t always end up the way you expect them to.

When I first began my journey, I had my heart set on writing and publishing a book of my exploits; a piece that would garner attention for writers, travelers and creative-types alike. In fact, upon my return, I actually wrote 15,000 words of dialogue for that very reason. The problem came when I was hunting for a designer, editor and publisher to help me put the final touches on it. Completely outside my wheelhouse, I found the hunt more daunting than I had ever anticipated and even today, I’m still not sure if I’ll ever succeed in releasing it.

On top of that, I recently made the decision to try my hand at operating as a full-time freelancer—a transition that's not exactly suited for the end of the year. However, circumstances beyond my control kind of forced my hand in the situation. So, I’m trying my hardest to make the best of it. Some days are challenging while others are extremely fulfilling, but my hope is the latter will eventually win out. To be honest, it’s all about finding a balance and making the right personal decisions in my life.

I know it’s a very odd thing to say, especially after focusing on this project for so long. But, I slowly began to realize the real world just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Especially after such an amazing experience. I just always feel as if there’s more I could be doing with my time. It’s a harsh anxiety that continually creeps up on me day-in and day-out; the result of being so busy for so long, no doubt. 

So, as I reflect back on the decisions that led me to this moment, I can’t help but wonder if I would change anything about the project—but the answer is always ‘No’. I may be at a personal crossroads right now, but that doesn’t mean The Great Agency Adventure was a failure in any shape or form. In fact, I consider it a rousing success. Even today, I still receive emails from individuals just discovering the site; people motivated and inspired by what we were able to create. I receive new likes on the Facebook page each and every week. I’m still in contact with many of the wonderful individuals I met along the way—some of whom are single-handedly keeping my afloat as a freelancer. I think it all boils down to the nature of the industry though. There's a constant ebb and flow and you have to accept both with the same level of determination. 

On a professional level, I truly believe the entire journey was rewarding not only for me, but also for those who were a part of it and anyone who’s ever wanted to go out on a limb and do something a little crazy. On a personal level, I can’t even begin to describe how much it's changed me for the better. It brought me out of my shell in ways I never thought possible. I was able to openly share my tales of ADHD for the first time; learn how to better communicate with strangers and deal with stressful situations; further hone my writing skills in an array of disciplines; adjust to different office environments and work styles; appreciate the difference in our regional cultures; and so much more.

I learned that being yourself and pursuing your passions are some of the best things you can ever do with your life. Help others. Be a good person. Strive for the best. Repay the kindness of strangers. These are all lessons I put into action every single day.

For 14 months, I wrote from the heart and shared every moment with the world. We became a family and grew an idea into an experience. I’m proud of what we accomplished together and I hope you are too. I know I’ll never forget the times we shared or the lives we touched.

Thank you again for joining me and standing by my side in both good times and bad. I’ll always remember to do the same for you.

Until we meet again, have a great two-year anniversary. It’s the perfect time to get out there and do something a little crazy.

All the best,