30 Days Later

To be honest, I had planned on posting more updates than I have been. However, after a few weeks of job hunting, I started to remember how draining the whole process can be. That's why, a month later, I'm still stationed at home pondering my next move. 

It's weird, because prior to #TGAA there wasn't much I considered when looking for a job. In fact, it was pretty cut and dry. Did I enjoy the people? Was the pay good? Could I do great work there? That pretty much summed up my inquiries. But now... now there's so much more to consider—things that never crossed my mind before. Would I be near anyone I know? Could I handle the weather? How far would I be from family and friends? Can I even afford to move there? All these questions and many more have been rattling around my brain on a daily basis. 

In a way, the project complicated the entire process for me. And that may sound like a negative, but I certainly don't think so. How on earth could I ever hope to narrow down my ideal locations with such a simplistic line of question? Sure, it's all new to me but I imagine this is what families go through when they're looking to relocate. Once you add kids to the equation, I'm sure there are a lot more questions to be considered.

It's all about asking the right questions of your situation. Decide what you really want and go after it with all your might. 

Am I starting to feel the pressure? Absolutely. However, I want to make the next move count. That's why I'm doing my best to be cautious of where I go and what I do. Wherever I end up, I want to be there for the long-haul. I want to make my mark, prove my worth and change things for the better. I don't think anyone can do that without asking a few questions along the way. 

There's a lot going on behind the scenes that I'm not comfortable sharing, but I assure everyone that I will do my best to update the blog more often. And as always, if you have any questions or opportunities—please feel free to send them my way. I'm still trying to figure out what comes next for #TGAA, but first I need to figure out what's next for me.