66 Days Later

In parts 1 and 2, I outlined some of the most important career- and creative-centric morsels I took away from #TGAA. Well, in this final installment, I’d like to close out by talking about a more personal impression the project had on me. 

If you’ve been following along since the very beginning, you’ll remember my posts about the ADHD medicine I'd been on since childhood and how I stopped taking it in my first couple months on the road. It was a really big deal to me, because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I didn’t know a “me” that didn’t exist without that medication. Would I gain weight? Would my attitude change? What about my ambitions? Could I even focus enough on the project to make it a success? Would there be any other side effects?

I had a litany of questions rattling around in my brain, as I watched my pill bottle get emptier and emptier each morning. Then the day came when I took the final one. I remember letting out a large 'sigh', before tossing the bottle into the kitchen trashcan. Then, I left for the office and never looked back. I knew, in that moment, that no matter how much I changed, I had to finish #TGAA—and finish strong.

The months came and went and I did find it a bit harder to concentrate, but that was it. As far as I could tell, all of the side effects I had feared never came to pass. In fact, I found myself becoming more positive, social and easy-going. I was beyond thrilled. Honestly, looking back, I don’t think I could’ve completed the project on my meds. They had made me so paranoid and anxious that some of the things I dealt with along the way surely would’ve derailed the entire journey.

Of course, I didn’t do any of this alone. I owe so much to the people I met along the way. The ones who made me feel welcome and appreciated. The ones who showed curiosity for what I was doing and those who provided a helping hand. After all, it’s pretty nerve-racking to get off meds after 20+ years. It’s an entirely different beast when you do it away from the comfort of friends and family. So, to that end, I truly owe everyone a debt of gratitude because you helped me through it—without even realizing it.

In fact, I can say—without a shadow of a doubt—that this journey has made me a better person in more ways than I can even count. It truly feels as if I’m beginning an entirely new chapter in my life. There was life before #TGAA. Now, there’s life after #TGAA. I’m still not 100% sure what it holds for me, but I do know I’m going to make the most of my time by becoming more involved, sharing whatever I can and being the best creative I can possibly be.

This project was probably the first time many of you had ever heard of me, but I assure you it will not be the last. There’s still so much left to do and it would be an honor to do it with all of you—side-by-side.

See you soon!