Day 232

Yesterday, I went to the live theater broadcast of Monty Python Live (Mostly). It was an incredible time that saw the audience break into song on more than one occasion. If you’re able to catch any of the replays this week, I highly recommend it. The Pythons’ creativity is inspiring on so many levels, even after all these years. Aside from that, my weekend consisted of running—and lots of it. And since I’m sure no one wants me to ramble on and on about the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series, I thought I’d talk a little about TRIS3CT.

If there’s one question I've been asked more than any other this month it has to be, “What’s with the ‘3’ in TRIS3CT?” Well, now that I’ve finally infiltrated their headquarters, I think it’s about time I provided an answer.

I should admit that when I first noticed the 3, I was a bit hesitant about its presence. You see, I grew up listening to a lot of heavy metal and in the 90’s that meant some questionable nu-metal groups, some of whom loved adding numbers to their names. (i.e. 40 Below Summer, Apartment 26, Project 86, Primer 55, Powerman 5000). So, when I saw 'TRIS3CT' it gave me some pretty dicey flashbacks to parachute pants, eyeliner and fishnet. Thankfully those have passed and I’ve since learned to love the ‘3’. That’s mostly because I discovered it wasn’t there for the sake of being different. No, the ‘3’ serves a purpose that goes well beyond delivering a unique name.

The ‘3’ is a reference to the agency’s defining principles—fearless, inventive, humanistic. It’s also the essence of their culture and a staple of their décor. As it says on their website, everyone here “believes that when these 3 forces of good come together, something powerful is created. Strategy becomes stronger. Ideas work harder. Results jump higher. Pigs literally take flight”.

It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. TRIS3CT is an agency that knows what it can do and how to do it. I’m three weeks in and I can confidently say that everyone here believes in the ‘3’ and embodies what it stands for by pursuing those defining principles and strengthening their presence with each new project.

My hope is that by explaining this, I can help others out there learn to love the '3' as well. Oh and on a bit of a side note, if you aren’t yet, be sure to follow @TRIS3CT on Twitter. I’m taking it over at 3:33 everyday to document the various “threes” that can be found throughout the office.


Day 214

It feels a bit weird being in Chicago. I’m not sure if it’s the crazy weather or just that I was having an absolutely blast in St. Louis, but something feels… different. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact we’ve officially entered the second half of The Great Agency Adventure. After all, being a little road weary at this point is to be expected.

Lucky for me, I’ve landed at Stop #8, Chicago’s own, TRIS3CT. I’m in my third day here and thus far, things are going rather well. The office spans two and a half floors of a building just outside of the Greektown neighborhood, offering a very open space with low dividers, plenty of couches and a number of playfully named breakout rooms. It actually reminds me a lot of BEAM’s space, because of how the floor plan lends itself to organic divisions amongst the teams. You can tell that collaborative thinking is front and center here too. Nearly every wall is filled with magnetic sheets, chalkboards and dry erase boards; each one covered with various projects and ideas. I'm actually getting pretty excited to gain a better understanding of TRIS3CT's process, especially when it comes to the whole "3" thing. 

As for the people that work here? Well, everyone I’ve met so far has been really awesome. On my first day in the office, I got to join in on a (heartbreaking) World Cup viewing with most of the team. And much to my delight, I also signed up for the agency’s upcoming “Iron Chef” competition, which takes place on my last Friday here. I don’t want to do any trash talking or anything, but let’s just say, I hope everyone else brings their A-game. Some of the agencies I've already visited will attest to my skills in the kitchen, I'm sure. 

One last element that’s going to make for a rather interesting month is that I’m renting an AirBnB room, rather than an apartment. That means throughout my stay, I’ll be joined by a revolving door of roommates, who will occupy the adjacent room. It's certainly going to take some getting used to, but at least I'll get to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

I think that’s about all I have to report for now. 214 days down. 212 days to go.