Day Sixty Eight

The most delicious building in Times Square.

My first week at We Are Social has been eye opening to say the least. When I first heard of the agency, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, they’re unlike any other agency I know of. Sure, they focus on social (it’s in their name), but that’s only a starting point, as they then blend it with PR, marketing and digital to create innovative, engaging and effective communications.

Although formed in 2008, We Are Social still maintains the enthusiasm of a start up. Perhaps it’s the layout of the office or the youthful exuberance of the team, but I instantly felt a buzz the moment I walked in the door. And from what I’ve seen thus far, that energy translates directly into the work they’re doing here as well.

Whereas a traditional agency strives to create a consistent experience across TV, web, radio and print; We Are Social focuses on building a more immersive experience across social and all of its peripheral mediums. That’s what makes them so unique. They understand that it’s not about pushing a brand’s identity into yet another space. It’s about building lasting relationships with customers and turning those customers into a community of brand evangelists. In order to accomplish that, you have to create dialogue and actually listen to the people you’re engaging with.

I’ve already learned so much in this first week and it’s interesting to see how in-depth social can truly be. I’ve worked on social campaigns in the past, but nothing to extent of what they do here. I’m already excited to come back Monday morning.

Grand Army Plaza

Aside from being in the office, I had two incredible nights this week. The first was spent at the Amnesty International concert on Wednesday. Hosted at Barclays, it featured performances from Imagine Dragons, Cake, The Flaming Lips and a bunch of other great musicians. I’m always happy to support such a great cause, especially when I can listen to great music while doing so.

The next night, I went out with several of my former TMP co-workers, who I hadn’t seen since I moved last April. It was a blast to catch up with everyone and see how well they’re all doing. Hopefully, I’ll see them again before my time in NYC comes to a close. Honestly, I can never say enough good things about that group. 

To top off the week, I’m also going grabbing drinks with the folks of We Are Social tonight. As you can see, New York City is shaping up to be one eventful stop.