Day 151

Today's my final day at BooneOakley, so I want to begin by thanking Dave Oakley and the entire team for being so wonderful to me over the past month. I had the privilege to working alongside a great group of creatives, who treated me like one of their own. They’re all amazing individuals, even if my cubicle mate, Mary, did yell at me a lot.* I got to work on some intriguing projects for the likes of Cheerwine and Bojangles, in addition to experiencing them both for the very first time (spoiler: they’re delicious). All in all, I can certainly say that Charlotte continued the project’s steak of extremely positive experiences.

So, what’s next? Well, at approximately 2:45am, I board a train to my next stop—Memphis, TN. However, this journey comes with a one-night-only detour to New Orleans…. during the New Orleans Jazz Festival… which is during Cinco de Mayo weekend. Sure, I could’ve taken a flight to Memphis, rather than the 2-day, 21+ hour Amtrak ride, but I figured it might be my only chance to visit Louisiana and as the kids say, #YOLO. Although I’m only there for a total of 19 hours, I plan on making the most of my time in the Big Easy. So, if I don’t eat a Po Boy, while listening to a 4-piece brass band tomorrow, I’ll be rather disappointed.

When I finally arrive in Memphis, #TGAA will take up residency at the magnificent RedDeluxe. I’ve heard a lot of good things about what they’re doing over there and I’m thrilled to be joining them, if only for a brief moment. I’ve actually never stepped foot in Memphis, so I’m also curious to see what the city—and the famous Beale St.—have to offer. In fact, to kick the month off right, I purchased a ticket to Day 3 of the Beale St. Music Festival, which is part of the Memphis in May celebration. It should be a perfect opportunity to meet some new people, encounter the vibe of the city and partake in some local culinary delights.

That’s about it for now. I’m keeping today’s post a bit short, as I plan on writing another “On the Rails” entry from New Orleans; so keep an eye out this weekend. I’ll see you in Tennessee and thanks for following along!

*just kidding Mary... kind of


Day 123

As of yesterday morning, I officially started my month-long tenure at Charlotte’s own, BooneOakley. Some of you might know them as the AOR for iconic southern brand, Bojangles’, while others were probably introduced to them through AMC’s The Pitch. Now, I’ve never seen The Pitch, nor do I have any interest in ever watching it. But after speaking with individuals at several agencies, I get the feeling that clever editing was the name of the game for the ill-fated program. So, if you were a fan of the show, I think you’ll find my experience with BO to be a tad more positive than what was portrayed on TV.

Since I just started the other day, I’ve spent most of my time settling in and getting to know the team. Thus far, I have to say that everyone here seems absolutely wonderful. Heck, they even have three friendly office dogs wandering around; although I think they’re still a bit unsure about me. As with all the agencies I’ve visited so far, there is a unique energy here and it’s flowing through every square inch of the building. Housed in an old factory, the BooneOakley office truly embodies Dave Oakley’s idea of a “country club for creatives”. And that’s no exaggeration, because there’s charm oozing out of every weathered nook and cranny—from the industrial safe that now doubles as a server room to the old freight elevator that was converted into a cozy meeting nook. If this place was designed to put you in a creative and euphoric state, I’d say, “job well done."

Now, to double back a bit, I spent Tuesday afternoon wandering around the city again. I also managed to acquire my first sunburn of the season, as I made the 7-mile trek to Target for the third time in three days. It would seem that I’m incapable of remembering everything I went there for (go figure). Of course, in true Target fashion, I left with items I never planned on purchasing, but that’s neither here nor there. While making my way back across town, I did stumble across a scene that left me both shocked and confused. Around 2pm, an intoxicated woman was dancing in the middle of the street, until a fire truck arrived on the scene, corralling her into the nearby park. I’m not sure what became of the situation, but in true gentlemanly fashion, I didn’t take any video of it. Personally, I like to think I became a true role model in that moment.

Anyway, it’s about time I went to find some aloe. I hear they might have some at Target.