Day 256

Before I delve into today’s ramblings, I’d like to announce that I’ve officially secured the final stop of #TGAA. For the month of January, I’ll be taking up residency at RTO+P West. Yes, the fine folks of Red Tettemer are allowing me to join them once again—albeit on a different coast. Granted, this means I’m only visiting 13 different agencies on my adventure, but alas, the opportunity is too great to pass up.

I also think the situation will allow me to tell a different kind of story during my time there. I’ll get to discuss my love-hate relationship with the city of Los Angeles, including why it took so long to announce an agency there, and highlight RTO+P's ability to flourish across state lines and time zones. Red Tettemer in Philly remains one of my favorite stops, so I’m more than confident in their ability to help me end this project with a bang. At the very least, we’ll see if they can put up with me for another month.

I look forward to working with everyone in the west coast office and know the experience won’t disappoint anyone following along. 

Back in Minneapolis, things are going rather swimmingly. Last week, I got to grab lunch with the fine folks of Egg Music. I’m sure that isn’t the last I’ll be seeing of them though. It turns out they’re all music buffs (go figure), so there’s no way our conversations could be contained to an hour-long lunch. I also got to meet some great people from CCF yesterday and I’m sitting down with some of the ladies from 5ive this afternoon. Needless to say, the generosity I’m experiencing here is off the charts. Well, except for the guy who yelled at me in the Chipotle parking lot over the weekend. He’s the exception. I never did find out what he was so angry about. I guess he didn't like my choice of burrito or something. Who knows?

But I digress. 

Outside of St. Louis, this has to be the largest group of agency folks I’ve met in a city. I also think this ground level networking is far more beneficial than spending my time trying to garner more press for the project. When I’m able to sit down with someone, I can really get into the meat and potatoes of everything (how’s that for Midwestern talk?). That’s why I love doing Q&As so much; it’s an opportunity for me to start a dialogue and answer individual questions, rather than general ones. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still doing my best to drum up interest in the project. But as I’m now 8.5 months into this thing, I like to think I now have a better understanding of how to make #TGAA the best it possibly can be. I hope everyone reading this would agree. If not, just shoot me a line and let’s talk about what I can do better. Remember, this isn’t my project. It’s our project.