Day 390 (aka Christmas)

Merry Christmas everyone (who celebrates Christmas)!

This is actually the second time I’ve spent this holiday away from my family. The first one happened the year I moved to NYC. Since I arrived in the city at the end of November, I thought it kind of silly to pack up and fly home a few weeks later—plus it cost an arm and a leg. I spent the day wandering around Times Square, which was completely empty. Let me tell you; it was a sight to behold. I bet very few people out there have ever seen Times Square without thousands of people mulling about. It was actually a really special moment, because there was a light snow coming down and the weather was just perfect. It’s an image I’ll never forget. Though I followed that up with a visit to this random diner in Queens and the food ended up making me sick. So, I like to chalk the whole thing up as a wash.

But despite its flaws, I’ve decided to try for a similar adventure today. This afternoon I’m going to walk around Market Street in the Financial District, as I assume it’ll be rather empty as well. I then plan on picking out a new movie to see (I say new, because I ended up watching The Interview online yesterday) and heading to one of the city's many diners to chow down. Hopefully, my stomach will be more forgiving this time around.

Those are my plans for the day and I’m sure they’re far different than yours. I just ask that whatever you’re doing today—whether celebrating or not—enjoy it. Every holiday is unique and you should never let it pass you by just because things don’t go as planned.

Merry Christmas everyone,


Day Fifty

The Light Show at Christopher Columbus Park

Oh, the weekend I had. It all started out with a simple mission: explore Boston without the use of GPS.

So, I awoke early Saturday morning and picked a direction. From that point forward, I was on my own. All in all, I have to say that despite its winding roads and countless back alleys, Boston isn’t as difficult to navigate, as you’d think. It’s actually pretty fun.

I ended up making my way into South Boston—a name that confuses me, because it seems to be on the east side of the city. But who am I to judge? Making my way east (or south?), I decided to stop into Joe Moakley Park and take in the beautiful surroundings. Of course, that didn’t last long because it began to snow… or rain… or both. I never did figure out what to call it. Either way, it ruined the moment. So, I opened my umbrella and kept walking.

I ventured north and ended up passing by the gorgeous Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, before happening upon Harpoon Brewery. And given the deteriorating weather, how could I resist stopping in for a few beers and taking in the beautiful view of the coast?

So, I downed a few mid-afternoon Winter Warmers and continued on my way. I passed Bank of America Pavilion and the Boston Children’s Museum, before stopping at the New England Aquarium. I had planned on venturing inside, but a combination of improving weather and high ticket prices changed my mind. Instead, I strolled through the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park and into the Paul Revere House. It’s a place I’ve visited before, but the amount of history contained within its walls just begs for repeat visits.

Boston's Chinatown

By this time, I had walked for several hours and decided to call it a day. I made the long journey back to the hostel, figuring the excitement were over. Alas, Boston surprised me yet again. As soon as I got into my room and threw off my coat, I witnessed a fistfight in the street below my window. I’m not exactly sure what was happening, but it seems like a young drifter took offense to a man walking his dog and pulled a knife on him. It was pretty crazy. Luckily, no one was hurt and the whole thing ended rather quickly—despite some shouting at one another from opposite ends of the block.

Having had my fill of excitement for one weekend, I decided to keep my Sunday rather low-key. I explored Boston’s Chinatown for a few hours, peeking into several shops along the way. Then, I headed to Boston Common to read up on some news, before taking in a movie at the Loews Theatre. I ended up seeing Her, which is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it. In certain ways, it actually reminded me a lot of this project.

Two weeks down. Two weeks to go. Then, it’s on to my home away from home, NYC.