Day Fifty Seven

Boston's Theater District

Here in Boston, collaboration is the name of the game. Even the hostel has a section devoted to it. Ascend the spiral staircase in the lobby and you’ll be transported to Collaboratory 4.0, an area dedicated to the creation of new ideas and collective thinking. Adorned with dry erase paint, the walls are filled with scribbles, equations and evidence of past projects. Most of the words are illegible, but you can see many minds have been hard at work in the space. It’s a very inspiring thing to see.

Once I exit the hostel, a quick trip east takes me by the Berkeley Community Garden. Although closed for the season, the space extends an entire block, filled edge-to-edge with fenced off sections of soil. I can’t even begin to image how lively this area must be in the warmer months. I’d estimate there are nearly 300 different gardens, each one complimenting the personality of its owner with trinkets, ornaments and decorations. It’s a testament to what a neighborhood can truly accomplish when they come together for a unified purpose.

Taking a stroll north on Tremont, you can’t help but notice the various installations, murals and art that line the streets of downtown Boston—even the electrical boxes are used as canvas. It’s a beautiful sight to not only see artists working together for recognition, but also that the city continues to inspire and encourage these endeavors. I know such a mindset varies city by city; some view graffiti artists as vandals, while others look to them for identity. I think Boston has found that great balance of historical preservation and artistic innovation.

Then, when I enter the BEAM office each and everyday, I know the space will be filled with chatter—from the desks and offices, to the conference rooms and beyond. Everyone here is working together toward a common goal. I felt the same vibe at Recess. There are no lone wolves within these walls. Each and every member of BEAM is working in unison with his or her team. It's creative collaboration at its finest—at least in my opinion.

Collaboration breeds better results, no matter what the goal may be.