Day 134

Happy Monday!

I had such a wonderful weekend and hope everyone else did too.

Saturday afternoon, I ventured into the city only to discover that the NC Music Factory is not where I thought it was. For whatever reason, I believed the multi-club venue was located within Epicentre. Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s actually located on the north end of town, near the campus of Johnson & Wales University. I’m not exactly sure why this didn’t register during my numerous visits to Epicentre, but what can ya do? So, I made the long trek north and arrived just in time to catch comedian, Doug Benson. He put on a great performance and it was the perfect way to kick off an amazing evening.

After the show, I ventured back to the apartment and got ready to grab dinner with a hometown friend. I treated her to some grub at Pinky’s and we even decided to share a pitcher of margaritas. If you can believe it, this was my very first time ever drinking a margarita. I have to say, they aren’t bad. After dinner, I headed back into the city and joined a few of my BooneOakley co-workers at Connolly’s on Fifth as we said good-bye to departing creative, Curtis Petraglia. It was great to sit down and chat with everyone outside of the office for a while. The topic of the evening was #TGAA and it was very humbling to hear of everyone's continued interest in the project. It truly was a wonderful time. 

On Sunday, I headed away from “Uptown” toward Charlotte’s Historic South End. I was really excited to check out the area, because the neighborhood website touted their many local shops and boutiques. I’m happy to report that it did not disappoint. From Black Sheep Skate Shop to the Atherton Market, it’s all about local flair in South End. The entire area holds up as an historic district as well. It’s almost unbelievable to find such rustic charm, so close to “Uptown”. Next, I decided to continue even further south—following the Blue Line—and discovered a plethora of new residential developments, shops, bars, restaurants and stores. It’s easy to see that the rail is playing a big role on growth, which is inevitable when you have fast, reliable public transportation nearby. I also found very cool areas such as the Design Center of the Carolinas. All in all, the whole journey was full of unexpected and exciting finds. South End Charlotte is definitely worth a visit and goes to show just how diverse the city’s suburbs are.

On a final and random note, I’ve come to notice that sidewalk advertising is very popular in and around Charlotte. I’m not exactly sure why, as this isn’t a very foot traffic heavy city, yet I come across them all the time (You can see a few in the image above).

Also, how good was the new episode of Mad Men? I loved it.