Day 109

Be Unforgettable. 

As my final week at RTO+P approaches, I have to admit that it’s been everything I dreamed it would be. This office, and everyone who calls it home, all share the distinct quality of being a little off center—but in a good way. There’s a different way of thinking here and it shows not only in their work, but also in this space that doubles as their safe haven for pure creativity. Additionally,  much like the other agencies I’ve visited thus far, this feels more like a family than it does a collection of co-workers. I know it’s a little vague to say, but RTO+Pgets it". They understand this industry for what it is and have learned how to create exceptional work, while still emerging with their sanity intact.

Things here are a little more casual, a little more relaxed. There’s energetic music pumping through every corner of the office, random outbursts of laughter from down the hall and even a few furry mascots you’ll see skittering around from time to time. That’s because, even on the most stressful of days, these elements work to keep the pressure down. They allow people to focus on the task at hand, rather than get overwhelmed by an approaching deadline or product launch. Would this type of atmosphere work for any agency? No. It works for RTO+P, because it’s a natural extension of their collective personalities. They have less red tape, which in turn means more freedom, so people can be themselves and deliver their very best work without hesitation. There are no “suits” here, only a team of highly talented and devoted mischief-makers.

Another thing that’s really impressed me in my time here is the constant free flow of ideas. Creatives are encouraged to consider all angles, even if they don’t fit the mold of what’s being proposed, because you never know where a gem might be hiding. It’s an important distinction, as some agencies get so nervous about delivering what a client wants, they often overlook an idea that could be what the client needs. Here, they put all their cards are on the table. It opens up new avenues, sparks new ideas, and for RTO+P, it helps deliver the outstanding creative they’re known for. In the end, it’s easy to see why the motto here is, “Anything’s Possible”.