Day 190

As expected, I had a very eventful weekend here in St. Louis. It all started Friday, when my hosts and I headed to the National Donut Day Celebration, presented by Strange Donuts. The event showcased some of the area’s most delectable bites and brews, such as curried chicken salad from Mai Lee, gelato from Pastaria and craft beers from the likes of 4 Hands and Modern. However, one of the coolest things I came across was the booth for Treehouse Networkshop, a local event series that brings entrepreneurs and young professionals together to swap inspiring stories and motivational content. I don’t think I’ll have time to take part in one while I’m here, but it’s a great idea indeed.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that I met a pair of Clevelanders at the event. They gave me a bit of insight into what it’s like living here—from the NE Ohio perspective—and I got a chance to tell them all about #TGAA. It was a great chat and the experience continued my trend of meeting fellow Ohioans at each of my stops.

On Saturday, I decided to wander around the downtown area a bit. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hit me with a rain delay and I didn’t get to see as much as I had hoped. I did get to checkout Ballpark Village though. I’m not a huge sports guy, but even I can see how great this complex is. It offers several bars, restaurants and clubs; and at Fox Sports Midwest Live, you’ll even find a 36-foot TV behind the bar. For those wondering, it’s the largest non-stadium TV in the Midwest.

After finishing my walk through downtown, Casey (one of my hosts) and I decided to take a bike ride to the St. Louis Galleria to pick up our Race for the Cure packets, which we had recently signed up for. Sadly, halfway to our destination the rain returned and we had to abruptly take shelter for a bit. In the end, I think it worked out rather well, because we grabbed a quick lunch next to Post-Dispatch lake at a small restaurant called The Boathouse. Once the rain stopped, we completed our mission and on our way back we stopped by Urban Chestnut to meet up with some Boxing Clever folks for a beer.

In my first weekend here, I’ve come to find that St. Louis is a lot like Charlotte or Memphis, in that it’s neighborhoods are very defined. From The Loop and The Grove to Soulard and the Central West End, each has a distinct personality all it’s own. However, the neighborhoods here seem a tad larger and offer a wider array of shops and eateries. I still have a few more areas to checkout, but thus far, I’m really enjoying what this city has to offer.