Day Seven

Awesome boards by Go Media's Jeff Finley. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and send a quick shout out to Go Media. I attended their On The Map 3 launch event Friday and it was absolutely awe-inspiring. I wasn’t able to stay long, but I truly love everything they’re doing over there—from Weapons of Mass Creation to the work they've done for various Cleveland businesses. In particular, I really dig On The Map, because as they put it, it's a great way to showcase “the people and places that make Cleveland a creative, culturally rich and inspiring place to live."

And that, of course, is right up my alley.

What exactly is On The Map 3? As Go Media so eloquently put it, “This year, the video series will spotlight various Cleveland neighborhoods and showcase the distinctive landmarks that make them unique. Viewers will also be treated with a behind the scenes look at the F*Sho, Cleveland’s contemporary furniture show, a day at the beautiful Cleveland Botanical Gardens and a day inside Momocho’s vibrant kitchen.”

As you can see—and as I’ve been saying—Cleveland has its fair share of awesome things and I fully support anyone showcasing that. It's why I encourage everyone reading this to check out Go Media and the entire On The Map series for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

Oh, and if you're looking for a place to start, I highly recommend the videos on Noodlecat, Market Garden Brewery and Bad Racket


Day Six

Even better than the refrigerator. 

As my first week comes to a close, I know I’ve made the right decision on where to begin this journey. I mean, I’ve worked at places with more than their fair share of negativity and office drama. Yet, Recess is the exact opposite. It feels like one big family. Everyone here is genuine, fun and on the same page, day in and day out. Granted, these are all things I knew going in but this week completely solidified those characteristics.

On Tuesday, we had a big office lunch over a Bar Louie on West 6th Street. Although the team was not at all pleased with the restaurant’s lack of tater tots, I think everything turned out delicious. I had some salmon sliders and a salad, both of which were pretty darn good. I know, not the heartiest of lunches, but I’m trying to get myself back on a healthy diet. Ever since I moved back to Ohio, cravings for Taco Bell, Five Guys and Melt have got the better of me.

But I digress.

Wednesday, I went to AAF Cleveland’s Booze, Brews and Brands event with a few members of the team. It was held in Ohio City at the always-awesome Market Garden Brewery. We sampled some fine whiskey, vodka and beer, and listened to brand advice from Cleveland Whiskey, one of my project’s fine sponsors, Middle West Spirits and our host, Market Garden Brewery. After a Q&A, I even got to chat with Brady from Middle West and it turns out he used to work at Razorfish in Seattle. So, I told him about the project and he thought it was a really cool idea. All in all, it was a really insightful event. The panelists discussed how important it is to know your audience and meet them where they’re at, rather then always trying to bring them to you.

In the office, I’ve been working on a variety of things for the agency, including projects for the likes of Sony and Marigold Catering. Needless to say, I’m having a blast here. On the flip-side, however, my evenings have been filled with packing and planning. I know things are bound to get way more interesting when I land in Boston next month. But before any of that can happen, I still have plenty to take care of here at home. From the lease on my car to the need for a storage unit, I have a lot of ground to cover before I leave.

I may be busy with this, that and the other thing but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things are off to a great start and I can’t help but feel envious of what the future will bring.