Day Sixty Four

A sampling of Super Bowl Blvd. 

After being away for 10 months, I’ve come back to the place I called home for 4 years—New York City. Arriving just in time for the chaos that was the Super Bowl, I found navigating my way through Penn Station a bit more challenging than usual. As expected, the entire place was overrun with Seahawks and Broncos jerseys. Although, my guess is the Broncos fans left their colors tucked away today. 

I made my way into Queens and met up with my friend Orlando, who is gracious enough to host me during my visit. We chatted a bit while I unloaded my suitcase and then we set about our days. I ventured to Bushwick (my former neighborhood) and met up with some good friends for a genuine New York brunch. Honestly, you haven’t had brunch, until you’ve had one in NYC. Being that the group hadn’t seen each other in several months, our brunch date quickly turned into a daylong shindig. Needless to say, the time flew by. 

I returned to Orlando’s apartment around 8pm and ended up falling in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. I guess a combination of being evacuated from the hostel at 2am from a fire alarm and having a 6am redeye train got the better of me. I decided not to fight it and ended up getting some much needed rest.

Bloomingdale's Super Bowl display

I awoke the next day, determined to visit “Super Bowl Blvd.” before they ended up tearing it down. Thankfully, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining the entire day and I think the temperature peaked at 64 degrees. Yet, even the lovely weather couldn’t prepare me for what I encountered in Times Square. Imagine if you will the scene in Times Square during New Years Eve. Now picture all those people slightly drunk, full of adrenaline and ready to fight anyone who says their team sucks. On top of that, keep in mind that Fox News actually built several temporary buildings in the middle to blast talk radio and classic rock. That’s what Super Bowl Blvd. was. Quite frankly, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Then again, if the Browns ever decide to make it to the Super Bowl, I might act the same way. Maybe I’ll find out at some point in my life (fingers crossed).

Next, I walked south to SoHo to buy a new pair of shoes and scope out my agency for the month, We Are Social. It’s in a great location, so I can’t wait to start there tomorrow. I have a feeling it’s going to be an awesome experience. The rest of my day was then spent wandering around and watching the big game at this fabulous BBQ joint in Astoria, called Strand. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially the pulled pork.


This morning, I was startled to see about 5 inches of snow covering everything in sight. I recall hearing there would be a few flurries overnight, but boy did they miscalculate that one. I eventually hiked through the mounds of snow to meet up with Ceci at the Art Directors Club HQ. It’s an absolutely fantastic place and if you’re a member of ADC, you need to drop by, if only to check out the Google Lounge. It’s inspiring to say the least. The three of us sat down and chatted a bit about my journey and the thoughts behind it. But before you know it, our meeting was over and there I was parading through the snow once again. I decided it's going to be another night in, because I have so much planned for this month, I feel I should get my rest where I can. I just hope the month is more exciting than that game last night (Sorry, I had to).

NYC, it’s great to be back.


Day Sixty One

OBEY in Boston

OBEY in Boston

Well folks, my time in Boston has officially come to an end. It’s a rather bittersweet feeling, because I wasn’t able to do nearly as much as I would’ve liked to. Whether it was rain, snow or an odd combination of the two, the weather seemed to sabotage me at every turn. Yet, as I post this in my final hours here, a sense of accomplishment is beginning to wash over me.

Sure, the winter weather wasn’t ideal, but I guess that’s part of Boston’s charm. Some days, you can go out and have a blast. Others, you just stay inside and rest in front of your wood-burning stove. In fact, that’s something I'll always remember about Boston—the sweet smell of hickory smoke filling the air every time it snowed.

In addition to experiencing a true New England winter, BEAM offered me the opportunity to engage with an entirely new agency culture. While I don’t think I got to know everyone as well as I wanted to, I’m thrilled to have shared the experience with such an awesome group of people. From engaging meetings to evenings on the town, they brought me into the fold and made me feel right at home.

Of course, this "wrap up" post wouldn’t be complete without talking about the hostel. I don’t think I slept through an entire night during my stay there. And I still have this lingering taste of faux scrambled eggs in my mouth. Yet, my time there afforded me a chance to encounter people from all over the world. I met a couple from Australia, backpackers from Sweden and some friends from Japan—all happily ready to swap stories with me. I’m still not sure if I’m cut out for hostel living, but it’s an experience I wouldn’t change for the world.

All in all, Boston was nothing short of eventful. But for now, I turn my attention to my home away from home, New York City. I’m sure that as we inch closer to Spring, I’ll have more tales to tell. I'm just hoping I don’t have to deal with another blizzard in the Big Apple. After all, I arrived in Boston during a snowstorm and I’ll be getting into New York during Super Bowl weekend—I’m not sure which is worse, but boy do I have some poor planning skills.

P.S. – For those living in Boston, I highly recommend checking out Stephen Swift’s Trash Night—now at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square. It had me rolling in the aisles. Think of it as a mix between Tim and Eric and Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the audience is encouraged to get loaded and yell at cheesy movies.

I'll see you in NYC,