Day 239

An agency is an agency is an agency, right? Not in today’s world. The companies thriving in today’s industry are those who think outside the box, while playing to the strengths of their teams. Some are branching into new territory like record labels (Boxing Clever); others are creating highly unique positions like the Maker (Red Tettemer); and many are just expanding their capabilities by taking services in-house and offering clients more than others.

That’s what TRIS3CT is doing with Jerry Rig, an integrated production studio that specializes in the development and distribution of branded content. Billed as “Production Reframed,” Jerry Rig breaks away from the traditional production and post-house model to deliver an integrated team and process that empowers the content they help to create. As their site states, “rather than tell your story to the most people, we’ll tell it to those who are actually listening.” I think that’s a vital distinction, especially in our multi-screen, always-on culture. It's hard to grab someone's attention, when you're always competing for it. 

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work with anyone on the Jerry Rig team, but I absolutely love their approach—Instead of interrupting consumer behavior, we’ll ensure your content enables it. I mean, that sentence alone says an awful lot. I don’t think everyone will agree with it, but as consumer ourselves, no one should ever argue its effectiveness.

In all honesty, these are the things I get really excited about as I continue across the country. I find it extremely motivating and inspiring to find agencies that are doing things differently. Whether it’s adding services to create a more rounded experience for clients or branching into new industries for the sheer love of it—these are the places making waves across our industry and changing things for the better. To me, it sounds like a pretty straightforward concept—adapt and lead. Yet, you'd be surprised how many people out there don't get it. Just because something isn't broke, doesn't mean you can't make it better. 


Day 232

Yesterday, I went to the live theater broadcast of Monty Python Live (Mostly). It was an incredible time that saw the audience break into song on more than one occasion. If you’re able to catch any of the replays this week, I highly recommend it. The Pythons’ creativity is inspiring on so many levels, even after all these years. Aside from that, my weekend consisted of running—and lots of it. And since I’m sure no one wants me to ramble on and on about the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series, I thought I’d talk a little about TRIS3CT.

If there’s one question I've been asked more than any other this month it has to be, “What’s with the ‘3’ in TRIS3CT?” Well, now that I’ve finally infiltrated their headquarters, I think it’s about time I provided an answer.

I should admit that when I first noticed the 3, I was a bit hesitant about its presence. You see, I grew up listening to a lot of heavy metal and in the 90’s that meant some questionable nu-metal groups, some of whom loved adding numbers to their names. (i.e. 40 Below Summer, Apartment 26, Project 86, Primer 55, Powerman 5000). So, when I saw 'TRIS3CT' it gave me some pretty dicey flashbacks to parachute pants, eyeliner and fishnet. Thankfully those have passed and I’ve since learned to love the ‘3’. That’s mostly because I discovered it wasn’t there for the sake of being different. No, the ‘3’ serves a purpose that goes well beyond delivering a unique name.

The ‘3’ is a reference to the agency’s defining principles—fearless, inventive, humanistic. It’s also the essence of their culture and a staple of their décor. As it says on their website, everyone here “believes that when these 3 forces of good come together, something powerful is created. Strategy becomes stronger. Ideas work harder. Results jump higher. Pigs literally take flight”.

It just goes to prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. TRIS3CT is an agency that knows what it can do and how to do it. I’m three weeks in and I can confidently say that everyone here believes in the ‘3’ and embodies what it stands for by pursuing those defining principles and strengthening their presence with each new project.

My hope is that by explaining this, I can help others out there learn to love the '3' as well. Oh and on a bit of a side note, if you aren’t yet, be sure to follow @TRIS3CT on Twitter. I’m taking it over at 3:33 everyday to document the various “threes” that can be found throughout the office.


Day 221

Did you know that Slim Jims are one of the snacks most requested by our deployed servicemen and women? I didn’t either. It’s one of the reasons why I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Slim Jim ‘Salute the Troops’ promotion the other day. Brought to life by the talented people of TRIS3CT, the whole idea proves that you truly can promote a brand and support a great cause at the same time. While it isn’t the first launch I’ve been privy to along my journey, it’s certainly the first that has such deeply felt results. I don’t usually like to discuss individual projects on here, but I felt I should make an exception for this one, since it offers a message of courage and hope to those who truly need it. 

Last year, more than 100,000 salutes were collected through a dedicated Facebook app and this year, the newly developed website has already seen a flood of 25,000 in its first few days. That’s a pretty big leap, if you ask me. Together, we can not only top last year’s numbers; we can bring a much needed moment of joy and relief to those risking their lives to ensure we can keep doing what we do. TRIS3CT and Slim Jim are hoping to hit 1 million salutes, so spread the word to everyone you know!

Aside from that wonderful piece of news, I don’t have much else to report on. I’m still getting to know the team here and digging a bit deeper into a few of the projects they’ve put me on. On the AirBnB front, I’ve had a few more people added to my “Revolving door of roommates”. And I never did get to meet any of them, which makes the whole experience that much weirder. Can you imagine living with someone and never meeting them? It just feel a bit… odd. I’m sure I’ll get used to the feeling though, because the cavalcade will continue for the length of my stay. I just hope I meet someone interesting or at least get a good story to tell out of the whole situation.