Day 411

Throughout our journey, I’ve been visiting a different agency at each stop. Yet, this month I’m at the west coast branch of Red Tettemer, which I first visited back in March while in Philadelphia. It’s pretty surreal to actually be here because back then this office was still more of an idea than an actual place. So, it’s interesting to see the vision brought to life. Prior to this, I’d never been to multiple branches of the same agency and I’ve always wondered if a company’s culture could translate to another area of the country. That’s why I was overjoyed when RTO+P invited me back.

When I first arrived, I assumed it would feel like any other month—a new office with new people. Just because it shares the RTO+P name, doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel like RTO+P. Yet, here I am a few weeks into my tenure and I very much stand corrected. Rather than feel like a separate office on the other side of the country, this feels like a direct extension of HQ. Sure, the weather is much nicer here but if you told me I was on a new floor of the Philly office, I’d have a hard time arguing with you.

I’m not sure if every agency is capable of extending their culture to different branches, but RTO+P clearly put a lot of work into getting it right. From the décor to the conference room, you can instantly tell they were created and arranged by the same individuals. To me, that’s what makes all the difference—the thought behind it. Once you factor in the personalities of several former Philly crew members, you have an office that feels right at home, regardless of what coast it’s on.

Outside the office, I’m also very much enjoying the Santa Monica neighborhood (although it is a tad bit pricey). We’re located one block from the beach, which is something I could really get used to. The area is just so beautiful; you can’t help but feel happy. Of course, I could never afford to live here but that won’t stop me from enjoying it while I’m in town. You just won't see me sitting down for dinner anytime soon. 


Day 368

I’ll be the first to admit that I was rather nervous about how my time at the Evolution Bureau would turn out. They’re an agency I didn’t have much contact with over the past year and I was unsure as to how they’d react to the project. Well, those anxieties have come and gone, and now I find myself sitting in the EVB office, eager to show the team what this little adventure is all about.

At first glance, EVB's digs remind me a lot of Recess Creative. It’s a smaller space that encompasses two levels and utilizes an open-floor plan to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Throughout the office, large wood beams, exposed ducts and plenty of crazy knick-knacks help create the space's rather unique and vibrant personality. And much to the dismay of my waistline, they also have a rather large stockpile of snacks. While I’ve only met a portion of the team, I can already gather that they’re a fun and energetic bunch. They continually exude a certain liveliness that fills the room with laughter and cheerfulness throughout the day. It’s a vibe I’ve grown used to on the trip, because it turns out happy people tend to be more creative—go figure. I have a feeling this is one of the many factors that helped EVB win their extremely impressive roster of clients, which includes Jameson, Facebook, Nike and HP. 

Much to my delight, I've actually come to learn that several people in the office already fully support what we're trying to do with #TGAA. In particular, I had a very nice conversation with EVB's CEO, Daniel Stein, where we discussed the trip's progress, as well as ideas on how to cap the whole thing off. We're also going to set up an in-agency Q&A session next week, so I can field questions from the team's younger members and also give everyone a better idea of why I'm there. As if that wasn't enough, they're also going to help put me in touch with other agency folk around the city and administrators at the Miami Ad School. It's only my third day in and already I can't thank EVB enough for how much they're doing to ensure I get the most out of my time in the bay area. Needless to say, December is shaping up rather nicely.